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Chris R.

"I am the Center Director for the California Conservation Corps program in Camarillo. I approached Keith about developing a fitness program for the Firefighters in my program to improve their conditioning and endurance. I have 3 Type I Wildland Fire crews that respond to fires throughout the state of California. Often working a 24-hour shift. The corps members were not overly excited when I told them about my plan to revamp the physical training program. But once Keith came and taught them the program - they were sold. The multi-level program Keith developed is a HIT! We recently had corps members from throughout the state visiting and they are interested in using the program at their sites. The corps members are having fun and working on their physical condition. They are begging for Keith to come back and teach them more!

On a personal note... I started with Keith last summer and could not even do one sit up or push up. My overall health has improved and I am so much stronger. The workout varies each time .... so I never know what to expect. I have avoided gym's and exercise for so long - any excuse to not work on getting fit. I appreciate Keith's positive approach and encourage. If I can do it - so can you!"


"My experience training with Keith has been all positives. He is encouraging, upbeat and keeps me motivated. Keith's classes are challenging and rigorous but yet fun. He really pays attention to his client's form to ensure we are benefiting from the workout as well as preventing injury. I truly look forward to attending his workouts. Thank you for being such an awesome personal trainer."

Liana U.


"I love Keith’s' class! The workouts are constantly changing. Keith holds my attention and I really look forward to the boot camp workouts. It's a complete fitness program that builds endurance, strength, flexibility and core stability for all levels of fitness. Keith is very motivating and if you are looking for a jump start you will find it here. Keith is passionate about helping his clients reach their full potential. Training is fun and the environment is very encouraging.”

Gina g.



"I have never reviewed anything on Yelp before, but Hunter Fitness deserve the praise. My fiancé and I started partners training with Keith a month ago. We have gone from huffing and puffing just to go up a flight of stairs to having no trouble. Keith has provided the motivation for us to work out and he does it in a fun way. We see him 3 times a week and we appreciate his flexible schedule. Every session is different, keeping the workout fresh and breaking the monotony. Since having Keith work with us, I have noticed an increase in energy. Like I mentioned above, I used to have trouble going up stairs, trouble pushing the cart from Costco to my car. Now I notice I am no longer short of breath while doing these things and it feels great. All of this was made possible by Keith. There are many personal trainers out there but none like Keith Hunter. He motivates you and pushes you just enough to illustrate to yourself that you can go that extra push up, lap, or squat. He helps find your pace, and what you can do to improve it. Bottom line is, you know your goal and he shows you how to get there."


"Keith Hunter is the best personal trainer out there. His workouts always make me burn the most calories. The workouts are changing all the time so you won't get bored. I never enjoyed working out until I started to see results and I started to see results when I began working out with Keith! Keith is also a great motivator during your workouts so you keep putting forth 100%. His workouts will challenge you to be your best each and every time!"

Jannah L.


sherri & Jessica k.

"I initially setup an appointment with Keith so that my Daughter Jessica could get some extra conditioning to help with her soccer training. Little did i know after leaving that appointment we would both be committed to training with him together twice a week. We have both been training with Keith since October and have seen so much progress in just a short amount of time. Having both of us personal training together has been a greater experience than I could have imagined. We both look forward to our training days, and know that along with the fun that we have (competing against each other) we will be getting a hard workout (burning lots of calories). Keith has great knowledge of fitness and has always been available to answer any questions we may have, not just during training but anytime. He has also been flexible with our crazy schedule during Soccer Season. We both look forward in continuing our training with Keith and can't wait to see how much more weight I can lose before Hawaii trip in June."



"I was at a point where I knew I needed to make a change. I definitely have at least 30 pounds to lose, and a bad knee that has been holding me back. My business keeps me very busy, and trying to balance business and my family while squeezing in a boring workout is a challenge. I emailed Keith to ask about his personal training and costs. His cost at first glance appeared to be more than the other trainers in town. I emailed him to ask why? Turns out his sessions are for a full hour, and not the half-hour sessions advertised by other trainers. I gave him a try,and knew right away that he was exactly what I needed! His workouts are made fun, using my love of baseball and boxing within the workouts. Keith Hunter has a way to strengthen core muscles, while always changing the workouts. Keith always changes it up, and I never know what to expect. He makes it fun, and has so much knowledge about the body, proper techniques, and how not to get injured. He tailors my workout around my bad knee. Matter of fact, my knee is so much better since I started training with him. I am so happy to be running and jumping, and using my knee in ways I thought I would never do again. I have lost 6 pounds so far. The thing is, I feel great. I am fitting into clothes I haven't worn in over a year. I am tucking in my shirts again. I think I have replaced fat with muscle. Bottom line, I am feeling great, and sleeping better. Lastly, I have a business partner who also needs to drop about 30 pounds. Together, we have begun partners training with Keith. It's more fun and challenging, and we compete a lot. It does cost money for a trainer, and it is totally worth it. I remind myself how much I spend on lunch and dinner every day, and compared to Keith's sessions, it's a deal! I am so glad I found him, he was the first and best choice!!"


"If you are looking for a trainer look no further! I was seeking a PT when I moved to the South Bay Area and of course did a Yelp search. I am so glad I found Keith Hunter. He is excellent in every way. Professional, personable and an awesome fitness coach. Don't delay and contact him today. Keith is truly the best!"



Brandi R.

"Hi, I would like to start by simply saying "Thank you" to Keith. I'm very thankful for meeting Keith as my trainer, mentor, and motivator. I hit a point in my life that I wanted to feel and look at how I used to feel and look and maintain it. With Keith's knowledge, I knew it could be done. Signing up with Keith has put my motivation back into gear and kept my head up to keep going forward, I think his positivity was what I needed most. Sometimes you need that extra push and some direction to guide you back to where you once were. I believe Keith helped me go beyond that point to feeling even better than where I once was before. You look forward to the classes and seeing different people at each class. It helps to be involved in such a positive group of people. Every class is different with a variety of exercises, circuit training, and some endurance training as well. His classes are fun and everyone gets involved. If you train one on one with him that's where I feel you get to really see where you’re at according to your level of fitness. Since I have been training with Keith I have lost about 20lbs in the last 4 months. The key is what you eat, I believe "you are what u eat" and that explains it all. What keeps you going most out of his classes is seeing results and that's what you look forward too. You treat the body well and it will give back more and more confidence after each session. At least that's how I see it. Keith's personal training is awesome for the body and most important your mind, therefore if you let it, it can save a "life"


Ryan b.

"Aside from the training aspect, if you are seeking a good person to workout with, you found it with Keith. My fiancée and I started working out with him a year ago and it has been a wonderful experience. Normally we workout in gorgeous Averill Park, but if the weather is 'tricky' he comes to our garage. Keith is always concerned about how you're feeling and what you want to work on. His workouts are challenging and fun as he is always finding ways to mix things up. I really can’t say enough about Keith Hunter, aside from... if you are looking for an awesome personal trainer don't look any further."

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